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Concept 1900 Entertainment LLC
Manufacturer company one in the world that continues old French traditions in Carousel making.
Exhibit Zone Amusement World Country France
PR Points French amusement equipment manufacturer. Creating only authentic characters, decoration and design. French quality and carefully crafted pieces have a unique, luxury style.

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Carousels, Merry-Go-Round, Concept 1900
This work is perceived to be art and requires craftsmen and artists to have creativity and skills developed to a high level in every area of practice producing only utter masterpieces.
Rides, Attraction
Installation experience available | Presentations | Made in(FRANCE)
Bar-Carousel, Concept 1900
Bar-Carousel for restaurants, events, shows and presentations
Temporary Stage,
Rides, Attraction,
Amusement Machines,
New in Japan | Made in(FRANCE)
Carousel 10 M Double Storey Jules Verne style, CONCEPT 1900
Animation for the city, FEC, Parks, restaurants zones extr.
Rides, Attraction,
Urban Development
New in Japan | Made in(FRANCE)
Theme Carousels, Concept 1900
IP Design
Rides, Attraction,
Amusement Machines
New Product | Made in(FRANCE)
Bike'n Roll, Concept 1900
Family attraction - NEW.
The brave ones will enjoy the racing while other participants can relax safely and have fun participating in the adventurous riot. Capacity 40 persons on tour.
Rides, Attraction,
Amusement Machines
Made in(FRANCE)
Christmas Ride, Concept 1900
Attraction Christmas design. While moving in a circle, the arms of the amusement ride with passengers in a sleigh and with deer coming up and down. Capacity 24 persons on tour.
Rides, Attraction,
Amusement Machines,
Urban Development
New Product | New in Japan | Made in(FRANCE)

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Disney Land Paris, Lisberg, Tivoli, Walibi, OCT, Evergrand Group, Puy de Fou, Park Asterix, Park Petit Prince, Dubai Parks, Longines, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Lotte, Enjoyland, Global Harbor


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